Catholic Church of Saint Boniface, Cold Spring, MN

Endowment Fund

Saint Boniface Educational Endowment Fund was established to support and enhance the formational programs of the Church of Saint Boniface. Annual distributions from the Endowment Fund support the operating budgets of Saint Boniface School, the Elementary Faith Formation, the Family Faith Formation Program and the Discipleship Formation programs.

The Saint Boniface Educational Endowment Fund originated in the 1970s when two long-time parishioners donated money to establish a permanent fund for the benefit of Catholic education ministries, specifically Saint Boniface School. In 1989, when the fund had grown to just over $100,000, a formal advisory committee was established to oversee the investment of gifts and disbursement of earnings in ways consistent with Catholic teachings and the educational purposes of the fund.  In 1994, the scope of the fund was expanded to include the other areas of faith formation at Saint Boniface. 

Each year the Endowment Fund distributes approximately 5% of its preceding year-end value (based on a 5-year averaging formula).  Thanks to the commitment of donors and good financial management, the fund has distributed over $700,000 to Saint Boniface School and Faith Formation programs for all ages. The current value of the fund is just over a million dollars. It is the goal of the advisory committee to see the fund grow to two million dollars over the next several years.

A gift to the Saint Boniface Educational Endowment Fund is a wonderful way to ensure that coming generations will have the opportunity to learn about the Catholic faith that is so dear to us. To leave a lasting legacy, please consider making one of the following types of gifts:

  • Lifetime Gifts - Gifts of cash and appreciated securities will be gratefully accepted.
  • Memorial Gifts - Gifts contributed to remember a loved one will be recorded in a Book of Remembrance. Memorial gifts of $1,000 or more will be acknowledged on a special plaque displayed in the church narthex along with the Book of Remembrance.
  • Bequests - It is widely reported that while over three-quarters of individuals donate money to charities during their lifetime, fewer than ten percent donate money through bequests.

Naming Saint Boniface Educational Endowment Fund as a beneficiary in your Will or Trust will provide a lasting legacy for generations to come. You may also name the fund as beneficiary of your life insurance or retirement account.

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